Fore Play

What Makes Mona Lisa Smile Arousal Cream

 The big "O"! Formulated with natural, yet fast acting effective ingredients to stimulate intimate female areas. Ginseng aids in increasing blood flow to sexual organs. In addition, it's soothing lubricating effects will delight any woman. $20 

Nympho's Desire Arousal Balm

Designed to help intensify and enhance the female orgasm. Condom compatible also does not contain any flavor color or sugar...$20 

Guilty Pleasure Arousal Cream

 Made just for her this tingly and tasty arousal cream is safe for intimate areas. Enhances sensitivity and intensity where you need it most. We use only all natural edible ingredients to ensure the best flavors. Water soluble. Condom and toy compatible. 1 Ounce . $16 

Forever Yours Prolonging Cream

 When you want things to last and last, apply a small amount of Forever Yours prolong cream to help increase his stamina.    Because its edible, can be used to desensitize your gag reflex. You know men, they love oral favors and this will help with that. PS...don't put it on him first, you will be in that position for extra 20 minutes. $18  

Anal Ease

 Desensitizing lubricant where less painful anal penetration is desired. Cherry flavored and scented.  05 oz  $18 

Shrink Cream

 China Shrink Cream is an Oriental herbal cream which, when applied, maintains tightness of entry. It causes your vagina to shrink in as little as 15 minutes! Designed for both partners to feel more. China Shrink Cream, the vaginal rejuvenation cream, is tasteless and unscented, and works for 24 hours. China Shrink Cream is formulated to tighten the vaginal walls. China Shrink Cream is to help with loose vagina due to multiple child birth and frigidity. Five minutes after application, vagina will tighten and maintain for a period of 24 hours. $20