Massage & More

Super Massage Mitt

This Massager comes equipped with 9 - 360°roller balls. Soothes sore muscles and provides stress and tension relief. 

It stimulates the entire body and can be used with or without massage lotions or oils. Separate thumb and pinky pad applies added pressure to specific areas. Rubber nubs on the inside of the glove provide additional relief and control.  comes with an adjustable strap to ensure everyone will benefit from some well deserved TLC. Massaging away fatigue and feeling revitalized is now just in the palm of your hand.  $27

Dona Massage Lotion

Dona Sassy Tropical Tease Scented Massage Lotion – 8oz is made from a blend of aphrodisiacs and pheromones. It has a spring aroma that will leave skin beautifully scented and irresistible to the touch. 8 ounces in size. $24 

Love Me Massage Candle

Ignite a flame with Burning Desire! Burn this soy massage oil candle and let the sweet, fragrant oil take over your body.  100% Natural Soybean & Natural Fragrance Oil.  Melted massage oil is great for doubling as a warm, rich body balm. Lasts up to 20 massages. $24

Ride Em Cowgirl

Once you discover RIDE ‘EM COWGIRL!, sensual heat and orgasmic sensations will skyrocket beyond any pleasures you’ve ever felt. Over-exaggerated? Not until you try the pleasure prescription: instead of page after page of impossible pretzel poses, her book demonstrates over 100 ways to tweak the positions you already love—heightening your passions instantly.  $21

Tickle His Pickle

Tickle His Pickle is sexy and inspiring... honest and provocative... candid and exciting. Over 50 sizzling techniques to master oral love making. Dozens of ways to turn your hands into living sex toys. How to fulfill his biggest erotic fantasies (so he'll beg for more.) More than 100 fun, tasteful, titillating illustrations, Secret touching spots for the Male G-Spot and other pleasure zones.  Gotta Have it.  $18

Tickle My Tush

This smart new paperback helps women and men learn how to enjoy the under-explored seat of love. But rather than textbook-y descriptions.  Dozens of tasteful illustrations, clearly show how to enjoy these newfound thrills comfortably, safely and pleasurably.

From mild outercourse joys like sensual butt massage and gentle fingerplay, to the deep orgasmic sensations of butt toys and innercourse, gals and guys will feel confident with the tips & techniques that dispel their fears and skyrocket their pleasures.  $20