Ready For Romance

Star Dust Body Glitter

Sparkle like an Angel. This product is pleasantly scented. It is made from pure ingredients and does not contain alcohol.  It softens while it actually moisturizes the skin.  $14

Smooth as Velvet Sheets

The pleasantly scented spray enhances the mood of romance. Spray on sheets and experience the silky softness as your sheets caress your skin. Absorbs odor and perspiration. Contains 4.05 ounces.  $16

Gold Dust Body Shimmer

A luxurious all occasion "shimmery" body powder made from all natural ingredients including Honey! Powder Puff included.  $19

Pure Instinct Sexual Attractant

Inspire your desires with this fragrance, specially formulated to stimulate sexual appeal.  Many benefits have been noted: it elevates confidence, enhances moods, and awakes the senses. Contains a blend of pheromones with essential oils.  Wear daily as you would any fragrance. $26

Body Dew Skin Moisturizer

Oils blended with Pheromone to replenish skin and enhance attraction appeal.  Apply to an old tattoo and it looks new again.  Honeysuckle scent. 8oz $20

Coochy Conditioning Shave Crem

COOCHY RASH FREE BODY SHAVE CREAM 8 FL. OZ. is both Rash and Irritation Free! Leaves your skin Smooth and Soft...Great for the whole body and all your girly parts.  $20


Shrink Cream

Applied to the walls of the vagina, this oriental sex aid will make the vagina tighter and maintain it for up to 24 hours. Be a "virgin" again. Do it like the first time. Convenient, travel friendly 0.5 fl.oz., tube. $20

Nympho's Desire

Nympho's Desire is specially formulated for women, to help intensify and enhance the female orgasm. It is truly a favorite among the ladies. This silky balm brings out the DESIRE in all who try it. 1.5 oz  $20

Slick Stick

Wetter, Slicker, Longer; This 8 ounce personal lubricant is designed to enhance your personal pleasure and comfort. Light, odorless, water-soluble, condom compatible, non-staining. a water based lube. Contains Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. Stays wet and slick longer with no stickiness. $22

Slippery Stuff

Slippery Stuff Gel Lubricant enhances the pleasure of human contact. This silken gel has been recommended by physicians for two decades. When using this unique gel with condoms it increases the sensations. Slippery Stuff is water-based, water-soluble, safe, hygienic, odorless, non-staining, and long lasting. It will last as long as you do!  $16

Totally Nude Lube

Uncented personal lubricant.  It's a great lube formulated as thick and highly concentrated water-based lube.  Made to simulate a womans natural lubrication.  $18